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Decorative Orgone Pendants

The word orgonite comes from "orgone", the name given by Wilhelm Reich for vital energy found everywhere in nature.

It is self renewing energy.

We also sell some of the Medallions with the "Lakhovsky coil" thats fairly new. Thats supposed to raise your frequency programming and increase the immune system effectiveness.

When buying our crystals we buy real crystal stones. They are sometimes heat treated to get the color they want. This doesn't change the physical quality. Each crystal has its own specific healing quality.

The Orgone debate.The power of intent is a amazing thing. Our debate page has some very interesting scientific facts. Picking your orgone product. The Crystals have a metaphisical quality and will draw you to the right one. If you still can't make a decision you can get one with your astral sign crystal for your birthday. Provided I have that crystal, if not I might be able to get.

We now can make many of the pendants(without bail)into Brooch pins for your blazers, coats etc. Please let us know before ordering. The pin has a safety clasp that slides over the pin. We also carry key chains, earrings, photo pendants.

I try my very best to make them as perfect as can be. If we get your order during the night. It will be shipped by 10:00 AM the very next morning in most cases.

Thanks for checking out our website.