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Decorative Orgone Pendants

The word orgonite comes from "orgone", the name given by Wilhelm Reich the man that invented it. Orgone is made from the metal being sqeezed while the resin is being cured, therefore creating orgone. The crystals are added as a bonus.

We now have Reiki Healing energy infused in all the devices. Our Manufacturer is a level II certifed Reiki practitioner.
When it is infused it stays there til the owner of the product gets it. If the owner doesn't need or want the healing energy. The Reiki healing will automatically go to someone that needs and wants the healing energy.

This is my ice test with a round Amethyst pendant under the glass. There is clearly energy coming off the pendant pushing the water up in the middle.

If we get your order during the night. It will be shiped by 10:00 AM the very next morning in most cases.
ice test

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